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Post by deathwar on Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:25 am

Prestige building tips

Prestige is kind of the rank in Evony. You have both prestige, population, title, cities and honor, but prestige is the number top right on your screen, and many seems to value prestige the highest. Personally I think honor shows a lot more who is the better and more dangerous player, but it’s still pretty cool to have high prestige and be high up there in the rankings. Here are a few tips on how to build prestige quickly.

Warrior training.
One way to make 20 prestige every 10 seconds is to build 20 barracks in one village and keep training warriors there. Warriors take about 10 seconds to build with some bonuses, and for each warrior you build, you’ll get 1 prestige point. With 20 barracks you’ll make 20 warriors and thus 20 prestige every 10 seconds. It’s kinda boring to sit there for a long time building warriors like this, but it’s a real fast way to make prestige points.

Fortifications building.
If you always keep a que of fortifications like archer towers, rolling logs, traps, etc. running while you’re playing, you’ll make quite a few prestige points from this. I usually just start a new building que of fortifications in each of my cities every hour or so while playing, but you can do it more often if you wish.

Attacking NPC villages.
You actually get quite a lot of prestige from attacking NPC villages. You can get more than 1000 prestige in each attack. The key here seems to be to send exactly the troops you need to take out the defence of the city. If you send too many troops the prestige gained will be less. If you attack an NPC city and don’t have any losses at all, you won’t gain any prestige.

Prestige is like a scoring system in Evony. Generally, higher prestige will make it easier to join better alliances, and high prestige will often scare away weaker players from bothering you. So how does one acquire prestige?

Quests. Completion of some quests will reward you with prestige, such as the promotion quests.

Build. The most obvious way of gaining prestige is by completing a building. Always be building or upgrading! Note that you may not gain prestige for the certain levels of certain buildings, such as cottage level 1.

Technology. Higher the tech, higher the prestige gain.

Comfort. Comforting will give you a very small amount of prestige in exchange for food, gold, or both.

Title and Town Hall. The higher the title, the less prestige earned. The higher the town hall, the less prestige earned. Accept a promotion only when you’re ready to support another city! One city under civilian rank earns more prestige than one city under knight rank, but two cities under knight rank will obviously bring in more prestige than one city under civilian rank, assuming both cities are constantly building. Same with town hall, only upgrade when needed. On the other hand, don’t hold off upgrading if it will do more harm than good.


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